RM Retail DMCC is the Support Centre for our two current Brands – The Toy Store & Hallmark. The company has evolved from a number of entities across the GCC region to become the central hub of operations to support its entire store network.

RM stands for Recon (Reconnaissance) Management which underpins our methodological approach across all business functions. The business has managed to keep its entrepreneurial culture, along with striving for best practices across all its processes and controls.

RM Retail DMCC is now supporting The Toy Store through its International expansion, which is being delivered through direct market entry and the franchising model.


Hallmark has been part of the Group for over 30 years under a license and distribution agreement and trades in various sales channel - Retail, wholesale and consignment channels. It trades out of a number of subsidiaries across the GCC countries in Retail, Consignment and Wholesale. It currently trades from 58 stores and growing.

The stores are a mix of greeting cards, gifts and toys.


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The Toy Store

The Toy Store concept was created by Peter Bracken in 2004. The idea was to create an environment dedicated to traditional toy retailing which was innovative, fun and an exciting shopping experience for everyone. 

The concept has developed over the past 10 years as The Toy Store has grown throughout the GCC region, securing prime locations.

Each new store brings something new to the portfolio in terms of experiences within store.

The Toy Store team has developed strong relationships with the toy principals across the globe to ensure that it carries the widest selection of branded toys available to the Middle East region.

The Toy Store continues to lead from the front, being the first toy specialist web site launch along with next day delivery service across the GCC.

The Toy Store is now the largest Toy Store specialist across the Middle East and wants to spread its wings further afield. In order to do this, The Toy Store team are prepared to share its success in bringing in selected franchise Partner’s.


Core Values

The core values have developed over the years and now are fully integrated into the business from Head Office through to stores.

  • Play before you pay: It is important for children to have a real experience, so we give them the opportunity to interact and play in the store with their favourite characters and toys.
  • Range over volume: Children and parents want choice. We offer a wide range of toys, instead of stocking large volumes of the same products.
  • Entertainment: With demonstrations, competitions, live events, workshops, product launches, and other educational, interactive entertainment and activities, we create exciting in-store experiences for children and families.
  • Safe and secure environment: We ensure that children experience our stores and toys in complete safety and in a secure environment.
  • Service excellence: We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, providing them with great product knowledge as well as excellent customer service.

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